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Welcome to Tampa Terror Baseball

My name is Steve Sharts and I want to welcome you to one of The Tampa Area's Finest Baseball Training Opportunities...the Tampa Terror Baseball Program.

Our continuous training program is designed for the serious baseball player. From ages 8 all the way through High School, our mission is to properly motivate, educate, and mentally prepare our student athletes for competitve baseball. In the competitive environment we live in today, this type of program is practically a must if your child wants to play beyond High School Baseball. Our organization prides itself on giving each player the proper motivation and confidence to propel them to that "next level". We will take them from the basics thru to the advanced in the mechanics and fundamentals of Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, and Game Strategies. Using proven age appropriate motivation and training methods, we help your player become the best baseball player they can be. Furthermore, I am personally involved in the development of every player in my organization.

Tampa Terror Training Programs:

     ~ Detailed evaluations in Hitting, Pitching and Fielding (records kept on file for Coaches & Scouts)

     ~ Speed, Agility & Strength Training

     ~ ProfessionalHitting, Pitching & Fielding Instruction

     ~ Game Strategies

     ~ College and Pro Showcase Team Events


The Results Speak for themselves...

     ~ 2 AAU National Championships

     ~ Over 100 Players Have Received College Scholarships

     ~ 25 Players Drafted

     ~ 7 Players Drafted In The Top Ten Rounds